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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday, 04 September. After earning a convincing shutout win against a tough team from neighboring St. Maarten, Conaree concluded the weekend with a 0-0 tie against the other visitors. The blazing sun of the West Indies somewhat drained the intensity of this match-up, however, each team had equal opportunities to net a winner. The first-half did not provide much excitment with the exception of a couple light shots on goal from each side. Conaree picked up the pace in the second half, though, and had many promising chances thwarted by the St. Maarten defense. By the middle of the second-half the visitors had equaled Conaree's level and put heavy pressure on goalkeeper Bomas. Despite a pair of seemingly unmissable tries by Conaree's attack just before full-time, the match ended in a draw. No cards were shown to either side and teams exchanged pleasantries after the game. With Conaree's first season with the premiership only two-weeks away, the team remains unbeaten in pre-season play. The team will have Monday off and continue their training on Tuesday at ScanTel grounds.


  • Ryan BALLSACK for President

    By Blogger Cal Varnsen, at 11:45 AM  

  • Very impressed with the progress of the Conaree FC and would like to take this opportunity to wish the Club and players all the best for the new season in the Premier Division. Great idea with this website and it is a step in a professional and organised direction. Keep it up!
    keith kayamba

    By Blogger luvsoccer, at 4:51 AM  

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